Egg and Dairy Free Pancakes

Yes you can still eat great tasting, sweet delicious pancakes.

Trust me when I say there is no difference between these pancakes and pancakes made with eggs.  I’ve road tested these on my teenage son who, my most opinionated critic and even he had to admit these are pretty darn good.

These can be served with fresh fruit for breakfast or drizzled with any syrup or dairy-free ice-cream for dessert.

INGREDIENTS ( makes 6 pancakes)

190g Plain flour

360ml Soya milk

2 Tsp Baking powder

2 Tsp Vanila extract

Olive oil

Maple Syrup to serve


Sieve the flour and baking powder into a  bowl.  Pour in the milk and vanilla extract and whisk to form a batter.


Add a teaspoon of oil to a frying pan and heat until very hot.

Pour the batter into the frying pan and allow to sit for a couple of minutes.  When you begin to see holes appearing on the top of the pancake it is almost ready to flip over.


When the pancakes is basically full of holes on top, using a spatula flip the pancake over.


Cook for a further 3 minutes,  then the pancake is ready.  Place the pancake on a plate and continue cooking the rest of the batter until you have a nice pancake stack.

Drizzle over the maple syrup and tuck in.


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