Beetroot and Chickpea Burgers

I have made a few variations of burgers,  but  this one is definitely my favourite.  Packed full of flavour,

Protein, vitamin B12 it’s a really filling, satisfying  nutritious meal.

INGREDIENTS ( Makes six patties )

2 x Tinned chickpeas

3 x Fresh grated beetroot ( Wear gloves to prevent staining )

4 x Cloves garlic grated

11/2 Tbsp Nutritional yeast

1/2 Onion granules

1 Tsp Chai egg (1 Tsp chai mixed with 11/2 Tsp water)

1 Tsp curry powder

Half a pack fresh basil leaves

1/2 Tsp cumin

1 Tbsp dairy-free pesto

1 Tbsp lemon juice


Pre heat oven to 190 degrees celsius

Place all the ingredients into a food processor leaving half of the grated beetroot to one side.

Blitz on full power for a couple of minutes.


Remove the mixture from the food processor and place into a bowl. Stir in the remaining grated beetroot.


Scoop out a handful of mixture and roll into a ball between your hands and place on a tray lined with non stick paper.

Gently press down on top of the ball to form a burger shape, repeat with the remaining mixture.


Bake in the oven turning half way through cooking.

Serve in a bread bun topped with vegan cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce, cucumber and tuck in.



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