About Vegan Shed

Why Vegan Shed?

I recently became vegan and wish I had done it years ago.  I feel so passionately about helping people to realise the benefits of going vegan for health, for the animals and the environment.  I am not a professional chef, I don’t have fancy cameras to take glossy pictures of my food. I am your ordinary mum and wife, who wants to share how easy it is to cook interesting, delicious plant-based food, great for those on a budget too.

My aspirations

I am feeling extremely motivated and excited about the subject of veganism. From researching online, there is very little in the way of cook books and other sources of information, as a result I have created this community of vegan interest, which includes blogging and attempts to draft my own book, which will be onsale soon I hope.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby Michael for all his help and patience building this

Coming soon…

In good time, I will be focussing on beauty and household cleaning products, as from my own experience there is limited sources on the internet of what can be purchased and where.  It would be great to share this with my fellow vegans.  So follow me and I will announce this soon.